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Odd and Games

Fun Team Building Activities - Team that Play together , Work together


team volleyball

Improve team morale – Odd and Outrageous Games – strengthen the bond among the members of the team. Providing great entertainment, this
event is designed to build trust, teamwork and communication skills among your people in a fun and often hilarious
way. It also provides a great opportunity for team members to know each other add establish effective working
Teams are provided with colour-coordinated flags and bandanas. Teams perform a chant, song or ceremony that
represents their spirit!!!

TEAM CHEERS – Each team creates: – Team name – Team flag – Team chant (song) then
performs a team cheer. Judging creativity and all round performance!

* GUM BOOT CHALLENGE – This is a timed game, teams need to get as much
water as possible across to the other side of the Olympic course – using only 1 pair of gumboots in a very unique and
hilarious way…
* ROCK-A-TIN CHALLENGE – Each team member gets the chance to get an obstacle to the other side of the
course. Clue: It’s all in the hips baby!
* BALLOON POP CHALLENGE – Teams compete in 3 different, hilarious balloon popping challenges.
* CLING & CHUCK CHALLENGE – Each team receives a certain amount of Ping-Pong balls and other
equipment to get all their ping- pong balls across to the other side of the course.
MORE GAMES: Drum Ball challenge, horse & jockey, drunken delight (no alcohol), Water balloons, Clown & rope challenge,
Elastic runner, the list goes on….
SCORING… Each team receives bonus points for their efforts. Scores are written up at the end of each game. The
closing ceremony all scores are tallied and then – drum roll………… “And the winner is…..!!!!!”

Winning team photo
Zesty Events team building setup
Teams doing the Egg throw
Outdoor team cook off

Outdoor Team Building

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Some of the companies that experienced our events

"Hi Zesty Team, we just want to say thank you for the Best of the Best Team building you hosted for our Team, it was brilliant and loved by all"
Alene Elvine
HR Manager
“Hi Nicci, Please convey our thanks to your team for a super best of the best team building day, we really had a great time, see you next year"
Jonas Gerber

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